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Mailbox as Treasure Chest

Life lately has been all about the Mom Stuff, the Homeschooling Stuff, and the College Stuff. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love being a Mom, and I never regret that we homeschool or that she’s chosen to apply to some colleges that are Picky. But sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that there are other things in my life. And because, of course, it’s all about me, what nicer way to be reminded that I do have a life than to receive something special in the mail?

A few weeks ago I blogged how you can Own a VW(ish) Bus for $36 USD and talked about the drawing at Adore By Nat. Fast forward to opening my mailbox just a few days ago. Inside was an envelope with my name on it!

And it wasn’t a bill!

I’m the lucky winner of Vector Cloud‘s Photo Necklace! Yes, I do realize that’s quite a few exclamation points, and I do try not to over use them. But you must understand.

Upon opening the package, I was greeted by this sight:

Vector Cloud Box

Vector Cloud Box

And a very sweet note from Amelia –Oh to have a name like Amelia: flying ace, crazy-literal minded fictional housekeeper, gorgeous Floridian island– who is the very sweet designer and owner of Vector Cloud, was included, too.

Inside was the treasure! The Photo Necklace. There are two items that Amelia makes which are my favorites: ones that hold photos and ones that don’t.

Behold the Photo Necklace!

The Photo Necklace

The Photo Necklace

The wood is beautiful and although light and dainty looking feels super sturdy. All the edges are very precise and it absolutely looks professionally made. I’m in love!

Now the real question – what should I put in the photo holder? (By the way, thank you Amelia for saying exactly what size is needed to fit the frame!)

A photo of our family? Of just my daughter or the CPA (my husband)? Maybe a tiny piece of knitted lace, or a teeny embroidery? Hmm, what a terrible dilemma!

Much thanks again to Amelia of Vector Cloud for donating this lovely piece for the giveaway.


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