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Well, I think I’ve accepted that my daughter is heading to college next year. The way I can tell? I bought her an ironing board. It’s one of those ones that stands up on little feet, so you can place it on the bed (a single gal’s most usual ironing spot). Still the cover’s not new, and let’s face it. Those stock covers are certainly not the cutest things we own.

Well, once I’d bought this ironing board at my local thrift store ($2.50), I quickly realized that if I was recovering her ironing board, I really should recover mine! Case in point:

Board Cover Old

Yes, I know that’s pretty bad. Don’t judge me! That’s just a bit of a kerfuffle with some fusible interfacing.

Really though, my ironing board has gotten a bit flat. The stuffing is bad in places. I have to be careful where I iron, or I end up with marks from the metal it’s made of.

So several weeks ago while I was at my local fabric store, I picked up some Insul-brite. It’s perfect for things like ironing boards and kitchen mitts, because it reflects heat and cold back to the source.

However, in a stunning display of cleverness, I didn’t pick up any fabric to cover these two desperate boards. Well, in all fairness, I did think I had some 100% cotton fabric at home. But it seems I don’t, so that’s why this is only Pt. 1 of the project.

Next up, finding some gorgeous cotton to make it more fun to iron. I’ll keep you posted.



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