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Of the three of us in this house, I’m the only regular coffee drinker. So when my old Mr. Coffee started to die and I decided to keep my Keurig for sometimes use rather than spending a small fortune on k-cups, I opted for a pour-over brewer by Melitta.

I’m really happy with my pot, however about a week ago I realized I was running out of paper filters. Oh no! I vaguely remember seeing a post somewhere about experimenting with a homemade filter. Now that I can do. So last Friday at my local fabric store I sneaked a peek in the remnants bin, and what did I find but a quarter yard of muslin. Just the thing!

I traced my last coffee filter on a piece of paper, laid one side of my new pattern on the fold of the muslin and cut out my new filter. Because this is sort of a prototype and there are a few things I’d like to fix about my coffee filters, I did make it longer. Check out the tracing pencil line on the muslin. See what I mean?

Filter pattern

Next I sewed up the other side and the base of the filter using an overlock type stitch. Easy Peasy!

Sewn Filter

The new filter fits fairly well, though perhaps it doesn’t need to overlap the top quite so much.

The filter in place

This morning was the perfect time to try it out. My new filter with the freshly ground joe waiting for the water.

Waiting. . .

The small space between my appliance garage and refrigerator is the perfect size for a tray that holds my pot, sugar, and creamer.

Coffee Corner

Time to pour the water over the grounds and see how things go.


The muslin is holding up well. It’s not sinking down, and the water isn’t just rushing right through it either. Great! Let’s see how the coffee tastes.

Cup of coffee made with muslin filter

The coffee is good! The only difference I’ve notice with the process is that it did take a bit longer than usual for the water to finish pouring through the muslin than through a paper filter. However I don’t think it was much longer, and I can live with that.

I’ll probably make a few tweaks to the design, but I’m happy with the idea! Now to make a few more filters so that I have more than one on hand.

What do you use for making coffee? Anyone else out there use a pour-over brewer or cloth filter? How about for tea? We do drink a fair bit of that in the winter, too!

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