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Fan of Holmes?

My girl and I are huge fans of Sherlock Holmes. Actually our whole family loves the British TV series starring Jeremy Brett. He’s an amazing Holmes!

We also love the Laurie R. King series starring an older Holmes. I won’t give anything away, but if you’re a Holmes fan, do try them out. They’re very good, enough so that the author was inducted into the Baker Street Irregulars.

So, to spread the Holmes love, let me share a giveaway by Kelly of A Stuffed Life. Kelly makes handmade teddy bears, and she has created a beautiful Sherlock Holmes inspired cuff with houndstooth, vintage buttons and other beautiful things.

Holmes Cuff

You can enter her giveaway here.


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Earlier this morning I was pointed toward Adore By Nat, a great blog that has fun giveaways, helpful posts and great showcases of Etsy sellers. So what does that have to do with owning a VW Bus?

The latest drawing at Adore By Nat is for a totally amazing wood laser-cut necklace. Made by the artist, Vector Cloud, the necklace is a miniature photo frame. It’s amazing!

Another piece I’ve fallen in love with is the Peace and Love Van Necklace. It’s a great size, made of Alder wood, and the details are unbelievable.

Peace and Love Van

Peace and Love Van Necklace (w/custom engraving) by Vector Cloud

So yeah, you can own your own VW(ish) Bus for only $36. I think that’s a steal!

But not as big a steal as that free necklace from the giveaway.

Check out the giveaway in this post at Adore By Nat!


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