All About The Wee Ones

Most of my thrifty finds lately have been small. But that doesn’t mean a thing when it’s something you’re passionate about, does it? And coming across some small treasure tucked away that someone else hasn’t seen is such a wonderful feeling. Big or small, that item is just the thing you were looking for. Even if you didn’t know it when you walked into the store or up to the table at the yard sale.

Today I have just a few wee treasures to share. Each is unique and two of them are such a mystery to me! I’d love it if anyone has any knowledge to share.

Milk Glass Bowl

Milk Glass Bowl with Three Feet

My first find is this lovely milk glass bowl. It’s about 5 inches high and about 4-5 inches in diameter. The bowl’s actually a very solid white, but what’s most unusual is the fact that it has three feet. I’m no expert on milk glass and can only go by what experience I’ve had, but I’ve never seen this particular type of piece before. No matter though, either way I love it!

Note Paper

Vintage Toy Note Paper

When I came across this note paper by Hallmark, it was in a bag stuffed full of other cards and things. All of the other things were fairly generic, but this made me grin!  The paper itself isn’t vintage, but I couldn’t resist the design. And amazingly, it hasn’t been used at all!

Delicate Teapot

Delicate Teapot

This delicate teapot is a mystery to me. It’s a miniature, standing about 4 inches tall and it’s obviously handpainted. There’s no maker’s mark on the bottom, and although it’s extremely delicate (you can see your fingers through it – bone china?), my best guess is that it’s from a little girls’ tea set.

Delicate Teapot Base

Delicate Teapot Base

Interestingly enough, there is a bit of writing on the bottom. It’s of the type I’d usually guess means the piece is of limited production. Anyway, all that said, I have no clue anything else about it. If anyone reading this has suggestions or thoughts about this lovely girl, I’d be thrilled to hear them.

Matryoshka Family

Matryoshka Family

My last find is this sweet little Matryoshka (nesting dolls) family. It too, is a mystery to me. Now, for all I know this could be from IKEA or somewhere else that has somewhat weird and wonderful things at times. But there’s nothing written anywhere on the dolls, unless I’ve missed something. Aren’t they so cute with the Papa, Mama, Boy, Girl and Baby?

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s happened with the ironing boards. Well, they’ll be up for a post soon. I’m also busy working on a Ballard-inspired project that I can’t wait to share!

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Mailbox as Treasure Chest

Life lately has been all about the Mom Stuff, the Homeschooling Stuff, and the College Stuff. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love being a Mom, and I never regret that we homeschool or that she’s chosen to apply to some colleges that are Picky. But sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that there are other things in my life. And because, of course, it’s all about me, what nicer way to be reminded that I do have a life than to receive something special in the mail?

A few weeks ago I blogged how you can Own a VW(ish) Bus for $36 USD and talked about the drawing at Adore By Nat. Fast forward to opening my mailbox just a few days ago. Inside was an envelope with my name on it!

And it wasn’t a bill!

I’m the lucky winner of Vector Cloud‘s Photo Necklace! Yes, I do realize that’s quite a few exclamation points, and I do try not to over use them. But you must understand.

Upon opening the package, I was greeted by this sight:

Vector Cloud Box

Vector Cloud Box

And a very sweet note from Amelia –Oh to have a name like Amelia: flying ace, crazy-literal minded fictional housekeeper, gorgeous Floridian island– who is the very sweet designer and owner of Vector Cloud, was included, too.

Inside was the treasure! The Photo Necklace. There are two items that Amelia makes which are my favorites: ones that hold photos and ones that don’t.

Behold the Photo Necklace!

The Photo Necklace

The Photo Necklace

The wood is beautiful and although light and dainty looking feels super sturdy. All the edges are very precise and it absolutely looks professionally made. I’m in love!

Now the real question – what should I put in the photo holder? (By the way, thank you Amelia for saying exactly what size is needed to fit the frame!)

A photo of our family? Of just my daughter or the CPA (my husband)? Maybe a tiny piece of knitted lace, or a teeny embroidery? Hmm, what a terrible dilemma!

Much thanks again to Amelia of Vector Cloud for donating this lovely piece for the giveaway.


Thrifty Wins!

While I’d love to say that I’ve been diligently at work finding some fabric for my two sad ironing boards, the truth is that I’ve been hovering over an equally sad daughter who just had all four wisdom teeth removed. However!

That doesn’t stop me from posting the lovely thrifty finds she and I made last week just before said surgery.

White Pyrex Bowl

White Pyrex Bowl

First up this white Pyrex bowl. It holds 1.5 pints and is in perfect condition. Most of the Pyrex bowls that I’ve seen and which are shaped like this, have a print on the side. This one doesn’t.

This next Thrifty Win belongs entirely to my 17-yr. old daughter. She’s a great fan of Opera and when she saw this, her eyes lit up! The records are in perfect condition, and there’s even a little story to this purchase.

Treasury of Great Operettas

Treasury of Great Operettas

When we saw this box of records, there was no price on it, so my girl went to ask for a price.  She was told that all records are 99¢, so this box would be sold for that, too. Well, when we arrived at the cashier, she was so sad to hear that the price was misquoted and it would actually cost 99¢ for each record it contained each ($10 for the box). She wasn’t quite prepared to spend that and left her find with the store, figuring it wasn’t too big of a risk, because it had already been at the store for a while.

As we left the store, an employee rushed after us and caught us on the sidewalk. My girl was told she could have the whole shebang for the 99¢ she was quoted to begin with! She was quite excited, of course, and rushed right back into the store to pay. What a deal and what great customer service, too.

Sewing Patterns

Sewing Patterns

Although I don’t sew nearly as much as I’d like, I can’t pass up a pattern I love. This time I was delighted to find some great dress patterns! And can I just tell you that I went to a parochial school, so for a while as an adult I wouldn’t even think of wearing a skirt? But look at the back of that Butterick dress, the one in the front. So cute and a bit of vintage styling to the front. A knee-length hemline and some great fabric, and that dress will be adorable!

1955 Happy Days Little Golden Book & 45

1955 Happy Days Little Golden Book & 45

Little Golden Books are one of my favorite childhood memories. I still have some from when I was a kid! So I was delighted to see this one, complete with the 45.

Happy Days Little Golden Book Detail

Just look at the cute illustrations!

It was just 50¢, and the book is in near perfect condition. The 45 is a bit scratched, but looks playable. I haven’t had time to haul out my 45 record player to try it out yet. I should probably do that soon, because we might need a new needle for it.

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Southern Hospitality


Well, I think I’ve accepted that my daughter is heading to college next year. The way I can tell? I bought her an ironing board. It’s one of those ones that stands up on little feet, so you can place it on the bed (a single gal’s most usual ironing spot). Still the cover’s not new, and let’s face it. Those stock covers are certainly not the cutest things we own.

Well, once I’d bought this ironing board at my local thrift store ($2.50), I quickly realized that if I was recovering her ironing board, I really should recover mine! Case in point:

Board Cover Old

Yes, I know that’s pretty bad. Don’t judge me! That’s just a bit of a kerfuffle with some fusible interfacing.

Really though, my ironing board has gotten a bit flat. The stuffing is bad in places. I have to be careful where I iron, or I end up with marks from the metal it’s made of.

So several weeks ago while I was at my local fabric store, I picked up some Insul-brite. It’s perfect for things like ironing boards and kitchen mitts, because it reflects heat and cold back to the source.

However, in a stunning display of cleverness, I didn’t pick up any fabric to cover these two desperate boards. Well, in all fairness, I did think I had some 100% cotton fabric at home. But it seems I don’t, so that’s why this is only Pt. 1 of the project.

Next up, finding some gorgeous cotton to make it more fun to iron. I’ll keep you posted.


Thrift Share Monday

While I really wanted to go thrifting this past weekend, I spent my time on things that really just had to be done. And I’m not complaining! My daughter had a wonderful Saturday at a feis (Irish Dancing competition), and my house is no longer home to a herd of dust bunnies.

Although I didn’t find any deals over the weekend, I did manage to sneak in a trip to a local thrift store on Thursday evening. The store is under new management, which means the prices are higher than usual. However, it also means that the store is packed with new things! It’ll take some time to figure out whether the higher prices are sticking around, but even so I found a few really great deals.

Puntodue Mens Pullover

Puntodue Mens Pullover

This men’s sweater is a blend of cashmere, angora, wool and some manmade fibres. Gorgeous! It was a fantastic price and is an Italian runway design label which is super pricey when new. It’s now listed on eBay along with a bunch of other things, including a gorgeous almost new Esprit sweater that I’m dying to find a home for.

Steel Crochet Needles

Susan Bates Steel Crochet Needles, Szs. 8, 9, 14

New steel crochet hooks! These may not be antique ones, but they’re in fantastic shape and only cost 25 cents each. Susan Bates in sizes 8, 9, and get this – 14!

Tin Berry Box

Tin Box with Hinged Lid

The last item is a tin box. It has great graphics, including beautiful raspberries and gold scrollwork, and is still in fantastic shape! The paint isn’t chipped or worn, and there’s no rust. I really love that it looks a bit Scandinavian.

Tin Berry Box Int

Tin Box Interior

Inside were a few spools of thread, some of which are the old wooden ones. I’m always happy to add a few of those to my collection!

So nothing huge, but sometimes the little things are best, no?


Own a VW(ish) Bus for $36 USD

Earlier this morning I was pointed toward Adore By Nat, a great blog that has fun giveaways, helpful posts and great showcases of Etsy sellers. So what does that have to do with owning a VW Bus?

The latest drawing at Adore By Nat is for a totally amazing wood laser-cut necklace. Made by the artist, Vector Cloud, the necklace is a miniature photo frame. It’s amazing!

Another piece I’ve fallen in love with is the Peace and Love Van Necklace. It’s a great size, made of Alder wood, and the details are unbelievable.

Peace and Love Van

Peace and Love Van Necklace (w/custom engraving) by Vector Cloud

So yeah, you can own your own VW(ish) Bus for only $36. I think that’s a steal!

But not as big a steal as that free necklace from the giveaway.

Check out the giveaway in this post at Adore By Nat!


Want to know the Real Reason?

I’ll be honest. The tipping point for beginning this blog was that I’ve been lurking at another blog. While I’ll be posting about a number of things within the theme of ‘doing it myself’, the challenge posted at My Dear Trash, to find/thrift 20 one dollar items and list them on eBay, was just what I needed to get my act together.

So this first post is to say I’m in. Or I was in. I have been in. Something like that. Here’s the deal.

Girls Gap Shirt

Girls Gap Shirt

Several weeks ago I stopped in at the DAV while my daughter was in dance class. While browsing the 99¢ rack I noticed a Gap denim skirt in excellent shape, and what should come to mind? The Challenge! So, now I have 20 items listed on eBay. It’s very exciting!

J. Crew Skirt

J. Crew Skirt

And I’m really happy with the things I’ve found! I think I’m even more enthralled with the idea of being able to find great bargains. And then even if the item doesn’t work for myself or someone in my family, I can pass the item on to someone else at a great deal for them. What more could a girl want?

American Eagle Men's Sweater

American Eagle Men's Sweater

But that’s not the only thing happening here. We’re smack dab in the middle of my lovely daughter’s Senior Year, and I’m trying to stay caught up with my sewing, knitting and other hands-on projects.  In case you can’t tell, I like to do things myself.